Lloyd Memorial High School

Youth Service Center

Please relay this message again to families in your school. Our heart is to serve the community in any way that we can so we have created “GO PACKS” to help relieve some of the pressure that families are feeling at this time. Below you will find some of the contents of these GO PACKs:


  • Oatmeal
  • Ravioli
  • JIF Protein pack
  • Pop-tarts
  • Microwavable mac & cheese
  • Applesauce Cup
  • 2 packs of Raman
  • Packet of fruit snacks
  • Packet of Goldfish
  • Pop-top chicken noodle soup
  • Granola bar(s)
  • Toilet Paper


We have made sure that our facility where these bags were packed was cleaned and disinfected. All volunteers involved in packing these wore gloves and were not COVID-19 symptomatic in any way at the time of packing.


Parents can pick up a GO PACK this Wednesday – Friday (April 1st  – 3rd)

Where: 7 Hills Church (6800 Hazel Ct. Florence, KY 41042). Follow the signs to the RED tent on campus. Families will pick up their GO PACK at the red tent

When: Wednesday – Friday (April 1st – April 3rd) from 12-6pm


*For us to best serve our community we are asking that families only request 1 box per 2 family members in their household.

* Next week, drive thru pick up times for GO PACKS might be different. We will send details once we know when those days/times will be.


It will be a drive-thru experience so parents will not need to get out of their car. Our volunteers will walk the packs out to their car with gloves on and will maintain appropriate distance. We appreciate everything you are doing to serve families during this time. Stay safe and well!



The 7 Hills Church Outreach Team

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

As we go through the process of NTI (Non-Traditional Instruction) across the state, we are getting new guidance daily, on how to handle this unique educational environment best.  As we move forward, (some teachers already have), teachers will be reaching out to you or your child each week to have interaction on how they are doing.  Teachers will be using three methods to assist with checking on student progress and documenting students as participating.  The documentation of these interactions is part of our accountability for participation during this time.
* Posting of Google Classroom assignments – Students complete and turn in assignments serve as an interaction.   Teachers will count this as interaction and participation.
* Sending emails to see how students are doing with NTI work.  A response from a parent or student to the email will serve as an interaction and count toward participation.
* If teachers have not communicated with you or your student electronically, they will reach out to you via phone to make sure students are doing OK and to offer any assistance with the school work.

We hope that this does not overwhelm anyone as we go through the process.  If students are responding to Google classroom, the teacher does not need to send an email or call.  If a student or guardian responds to email, the teacher will not need to call.  Teachers will make phone calls to check on students if they have not had either of the other two forms of interaction.

As with any of this, please feel free to reach out at any time for clarification on assignments or help.
Thank you again for your support and understanding.
Stay safe and healthy,
Mike Key

Parents can pick up a GO PACK Food Pack Thursday – Friday (March 26th – 27th) Where: 7 Hills Church (6800 Hazel Ct. Florence, KY 41042). Follow the signs to the RED tent on campus. Families will pick up their GO PACK at the red tent When: from 12-6pm *For us to best serve our community we are asking that families only request 1 box per family member in their household. * Next week, drive thru pick up times for GO PACKS might be different. We will send details once we know when those days/times will be. It will be a drive-thru experience so parents will not need to get out of their car.

A lot has changed since we last saw each other and it’s all been a bit overwhelming. We want to make sure that you are all doing well in this time of uncertainty and have the resources that you will need while away from Lloyd.


The district has been sending emails about support and services available to all families. See below for those website links.


While we are away from school, it will be important to keep a routine while you are at home. The goal of the NTI days and staying out of the building is to keep distance between people, but that doesn’t mean that you have to close yourself off from staying connected. Below are some tips that we think will be helpful over the next few weeks.


  • Stay connected

    • Have real phone conversations with family and friends or reach out through FaceTime/video chats, write letters/cards/emails, play board games with your family, and/or spend time with your pets,

  • Be mindful of media intake

    • Limit exposure to sources that increase anxiety, depression, loneliness, fear and anger.

    • Stick to content that helps you feel hopeful, happy, calm, connected and inspired.

  • Set a schedule and get dressed everyday

    • We know it’s tempting to live life in sweatpants or yoga pants…we are doing that too :), but to avoid getting into a slump, maybe try a new exercise routine (YouTube and free apps on your phone have great workouts). The weather is getting nice as well, so this is a good time to head outside to enjoy the sunshine. Sunlight and fresh air are very therapeutic and we could all use some stress relief right now!

  • Have a place in your house that will be your work space. This may help you feel some resemblance to school and routine.

  • Use coping skills if you are nervous, anxious, angry or feeling overwhelmed.

    • Coloring, journaling, drawing, listening to happy music, reading an uplifting book, watching uplifting TV or a movie


This will be our new reality for a while and it will be an adjustment. Adjustments can be difficult, but you will all persevere and flourish. We look forward to hearing from you all, even if it’s a quick email to say hello. Let us know how you are spending your time and if you have any questions. Parents and guardians, please reach out if you have any questions during this time of uncertainty or just to say hello. Take a deep breath and be well!


-From- Mrs. Bird, Mrs. Glass and Mrs. Moore


You can contact us in various ways and they are listed below.


By Email:


By Phone:

859-727-1555 (Front office secretaries will relay messages)

By Google Meet for Video Chat, email us to set up a time.


Google Counseling Classroom- If you haven’t already joined the google classroom for your grade level below, please do so.  We will be posting grade specific information in each classroom related to various topics (college/career, academics and social/emotional).


  • 9th Grade

    • Code to Join Classroom: q5mtvao

  • 10th Grade

    • Code to Join Classroom: rsajbcb

  • 11th Grade

    • Code to Join Classroom: mxz273z

  • 12th Grade

    • Code to Join Classroom: znkyyla


Counseling Website


Youth Service Center Website


Facebook page



Other Resources for Support and Contact Numbers


If you are in Immediate Crisis call 911.


Resources for Assistance:


  • Sun Behavioral Health

    • 859-429-5188

  • NorthKey Mobile Crisis

    • 859-331-3292

  • PIRC (Psychiatric Intake Response Center-Cincinnati Children’s Hospital)

    • 513-636-4124

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (24 hour crisis text line)

    • text 4HOPE to 741741

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

    • 800-273-8255

  • Homeward Bound Teen Shelter

    • 859-491-8303


* You can also receive care at any hospital via the emergency room.*


St. Elizabeth Healthcare is taking every step to keep our patients, associates and community safe in this current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and these actions include focusing on the priority needs during this emergency situation. While some services have been suspended, we also continue to assess future programs that could be affected by the challenges we are facing today.   For this and other reasons, we have made the very difficult decision to cancel the M.O.O.N. (Medical Observation Opportunity Network) Program scheduled for July 13-17, 2020. We realize this may be a disappointment, especially for graduating high school seniors; therefore, we will accept applications from college freshmen for the 2021 M.O.O.N. Program.   We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, though we appreciate your understanding during these very atypical times.


The 2020 M.O.O.N. Program Planning Committee (Medical Observation Opportunity Network)

Here are 10 online resources from Kenton County Public Library to keep you entertained and help with school work at home. You will need your Kenton County Public Library card to access most of these services.


  1. eBooks – Borrow eBooks for teens, children and adults. Just download the book to your phone or other device.
  2. Hoopla – Borrow up to 12 free digital videos, music, and audio books per month.  Titles are always available.
  3. Audio Books – Download books you can listen to.
  4. Freegal– Downlad and keep five songs per week.
  5. Creative Bug – Access thousands of online art and craft classes. Learn how to sew, paint, decorate cupcakes and much more.
  6. Mango Languages – Learn one of 70 languages online.
  7. Gale Courses –  Access to  over 300 online instructor led courses for lifelong learning. This includes computer courses, job search classes, LSAT prep, business and graphic design courses and much more.
  8. Learning Express – Get homework help and take practice tests.
  9. Coding Games – Kids will enjoy learning to code with this free online service.
  10. Faces and Places – Look at thousands of photos of our community.


The Library is closed until at least March 29.