Lloyd Memorial High School

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Vertner Woodson Tandy Diverse Workforce 2021-22 Scholarship

Value of the Scholarship
The value of the scholarship is for $1,000 to be applied to the 2020-21 Academic Year. The scholarship will partially cover the cost of attendance including the school’s tuition, textbooks, consumable materials, OSHA-10, and CPR certification. The recipient will be responsible for paying the remaining cost and/or fee(s) in compliance with all EBI payment policies.

Selection of Scholarship Recipient
1. Racial minority and gender define the ability to apply for and receive this scholarship.
2. Work involvement, career intentions, and scholastic performance will be taken into consideration when determining recipient. Financial need may also be a deciding factor.
3. Final candidates will be interviewed prior to awarding scholarships.
4. The scholarship will be awarded no later than May 15.

Applying for the Scholarship
1. Each applicant must complete the application form. The form may be hand-written or typed.
2. Each applicant must write a summary regarding his/her intentions to work in construction industry.
3. Applicants may attach additional documentation, such as a resume, letters of reference and a high school/college transcript. Attachments are not required but are encouraged.
4. Priority consideration will be given to students applying from secondary schools in the Cincinnati metropolitan region.
5. Applications must be mailed or delivered to the Building Industry Association of Northern Kentucky, 2751 Circleport Drive, Erlanger, KY 41018 by April 15.

Seniors Interested in admittance into either Optometry (OSP) or Osteopathic Medical School (OMSP) and scholarship opportunities while enrolled in undergraduate program at the University of Pikeville, please read below.

From the admissions counselor:
We have made a few changes to the requirements since we are no longer needing an ACT score for acceptance into the University. Requirements for these scholarship opportunities are

Be an incoming freshman at the University of Pikeville
Minimum of 3.5GPA or top 10% of class
Minimum of a 26 on ACT

Applicants that meet the minimum GPA and test score criteria will be most competitive for interviews. Due to COVID related testing restrictions, applicants who do not meet the ACT/SAT test minimum requirements may still be considered for an interview and are encouraged to apply.

cap and gown, cap gown and tassel, graduation, stole,


If you have not purchased your cap and gown, please do so ASAP. The price will increase after this Friday, March 26th. The website to order is below. ***We will be having a graduation ceremony.

Graduation Zoom Meeting https://youtu.be/quKs6Uh6CGA
Grad Video only https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETuf9dE_djI
School page at balfour.comhttps://www.balfour.com/LMHS

If you are virtual student, your senior composite proofs are in front office for pick up.

Parents and Guardians, 

As we prepare for the return of full in-person instruction the week of March 1, there is information that I need to share with you to make the transition as smooth as possible.  

As you may know, we will have all Hybrid A and B students coming to school 4 days a week now and not 2 starting March 1.  They will come to school on Mon., Tues., Thur., and Fri… Wednesdays will now be our virtual day.  We will move our Friday Virtual Schedule to Wednesdays.  I have copied the schedule below.  

For students who are Teacher-Directed Virtual, your daily meets will now be Mon., Tue., Thur. On Virtual Wednesdays, teachers have remediation and support for small groups or full classes depending on the class and subject.  Your teacher will be communicating with students and parents.  

Virtual Academy students will continue with the Edmentum/Plato program. They will continue to be expected to complete a minimum of 15 assignments or 15 hours of work each week to receive participation for the week.  

As we move forward, we anticipate close to 350 students returning to the building four days a week.  With this number, we will be able to maintain social distancing in most places but not all.  There will be classrooms that will have students closer than 6 feet.  We are working and have planned since the beginning of this endeavor to limit this as much as possible, but at the end of the day, we will not maintain be able to maintain 6 feet at all times.  Keeping this in mind, please talk to your child about doing everything they can to keep themselves safe.  There are still health concerns as we move forward through the pandemic, and there are disruption to life concerns as well. We will continue to follow all of the Healthy at Schools guidance that includes quarantining students classified as close contact to a positive Covid case.  

Lastly, those who have concerns and would like to change your student’s learning model.  Either In-person to virtual or virtual to in-person.  Please complete the google form below.  If you do not wish to make a change, you do not need to complete the form.  We will not make any schedule changes until after March 4, 2021.  This will allow us to see the number of requests and make changes to the master schedule if need be.  If you are requesting a change to move from in-person to virtual and do not feel comfortable the week of March 1 in attending classes, please keep your child home, and we will excuse the absence.  Your student should follow along with the google classroom assignments to complete the work expected before the schedule changes.  

LMHS Schedule Change Request Full in-person instruction – Deadline March 4th

To help with answering any questions you may have, we will host a town hall-style of meeting on Feb. 25th at 6 pm in the Lloyd Cafeteria.  The meeting will have an in-person option and a google meet video option.  I have attached the link to the meeting below.  If you enter the meeting virtually we ask that you mute yourself upon entry and put any questions you may have in the Chat.  For those that want to come in person, we will follow all of the healthy at school guidance.  This will include temperature checks, Covid questionnaire, masking, and maintaining social distancing.  

Google Meet Town Hall Link

Virtual Wednesday Schedule Starting March 3rd. 

  • 1st – 9:00-9:40
  • 2nd – 9:50-10:30
  • 3rd – 10:40-11:20
  • Lunch – 11:20-12:00
  • 4th – 12:00-12:40
  • 5th – 12:50-1:30
  • 6th – 1:40-2:20
  • Office Hours 2:20-3:15