Youth Service Center

Hey Sophomores!

Some of you may know me, some of you may not, but that’s okay. I am your class sponsor, which means that I get to have a hand in planning cool things for you all. HOWEVER, I can’t plan those things without a team of really awesome sophomores who want to help me make me all happen. That team usually consists of four officers, as well as any sophomores who decide they want to come help out.

So what are those offices?

President: Discuss with Ms. Loyd what the board should focus on at each meeting, conduct all meetings, work with other officers and Ms. Loyd, attend all student council meetings

Vice President: Make sure class meetings are scheduled and that others know when it is, work with other officers and Ms. Loyd, attend all student council meetings

Secretary: Keeps notes of all class meetings, attend all student council meetings and have the information written down to share with Ms. Loyd, work with other officers and Ms. Loyd

Treasurer: attend all student council meetings, work with Ms. Loyd on all matters concerning money and fundraising for your class, work with other officers

All officers also become part of Student Council. Both the council and the class board look great on applications and resumes, so I encourage you to consider working with me!

If you are interested in being a class officer, you can either email me at [email protected] or you can create a flipgrid at Your email or your flipgrid should consist of you telling me what office you would like and why.

I am really excited to be your class sponsor this year and hope that I can get some awesome peeps to help me come up with some cool ideas.