Youth Service Center

SPARK and SOAR programs that will begin January 27th  and Nurturing Parenting programs that will begin January 28th .


Please note that we are currently scheduling intakes for each group. Please have interested participants contact our Case Managers:

SPARK and SOAR- Sarah Johnston at 859-525-3200, ext. 216

Parenting Programs- Rebekah Cookston at 859-525-3200, ext. 217


SPARK– (Sparking Power And Resiliency in Kids) is a 12 week group for children (ages 3-17) and their parents/caregivers. This group is provided for children who have experienced physical abuse, sexual abuse, or neglect such as exposure to parental substance use or intimate partner violence. Children and their caregivers can expect to learn:

  • What is trauma
  • How it impacts the brain and then therefore their actions
  • What are feelings and how to identify them
  • How to cope with their feelings
  • Experience a safe place to share their story and receive support
  • Plan for future safety
  • Caregivers also receive information on how to best care for a traumatized child and support regarding the unique challenges of caring for their child


SOAR – (Survivors of Abuse Recovery) is a 12 week group for adults who have experienced sexual abuse. The group is provided separately for men and women and is led by a same gender therapist. Participants in this group experience can expect to learn:

  • How to identify feelings
  • How to cope with those feelings
  • Impact of their experience on their functioning and honor what they did to survive
  • A safe environment to share their story
  • Healthy relationship boundaries as well as how their own trauma can impact their parenting
  • Effective communication skills


Nurturing Parenting Programs- are 13 week family based parenting education programs that help families establish a nurturing way of life. Parents and children can attend together when appropriate so that all family members can benefit from participation in the program or parents can attend on their own. Program groups are divided by age of children and family situation. Specific programs include:

  • Nurturing Father’s Program
  • Nurturing Parenting for Non-custodial/Non-resident Parents
  • Nurturing Parenting for Parents and Adolescents
  • Nurturing Parenting for Parents and their School-Age Children
  • Nurturing Parenting for Parents and their Children Ages 0-5



Free childcare is also available on site for children who are too young for group or who don’t need to attend group.